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Our looms

Up to 400 threads at a time: this is the production capacity of our circular frames. We can make tubes with a diameter ranging from 19 to 150 mm, with the possibility of pushing up to 300 mm.
Our range includes both flat products and semi-rigid tubes suitable, for example, for agricultural use even on a large scale. Every single piece is created under the careful control of our qualified operators, real weaving experts: their competence is the first quality certification for our tubes.

Everything starts from the wire

As with any high-end product, the quality of raw materials makes the difference.
For our weaving we use only high tenacity polyester, which we carefully spin in a dedicated department.
Before reaching the frames, our wires are passed into the oven, where they are fixed and freed from moisture: thanks to this step, their resistance to wear and aging grows, ensuring a rot-proof yarn.
The choice of the material that will compose the fabric is fundamental to determine its characteristics: using a plastic thread, for example, we can increase the rigidity of the tubular, creating a semi-rigid product


Innovation and tradition coexist in our company with over 50 years of history

The magic of our frames in operation, watch the video


Flexible and fully integrated production enables us to develop dedicated products for every customer and any application


The careful choice of materials allows us to carry out reliable and durable productions.


We made investments to realize virgin raw material throughout the production process within our company


An integrated production, automation and 50 years of experience in the manufacture of pipes and fire fighting materials allow us to have the best value for money on the market. We create solutions together

How do we make our sheaths? Watch the video

The attention to detail

Can an industrial production preserve an artisanal soul?
We think it is. Sapin production has the rigor of technology and the attention to detail typical of manual work: The marking of the tubes and the final control always pass, as you see, also by the hands and eyes of those who work with experience and passion in Sapin.
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